Celebrate Women’s History Month With Creative & Inspirational Women At ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station

Did you know that women account for more than half of the artists and creatives showcasing their talents at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station? Join us in celebrating these inspirational women during Women’s History Month and all year long!

Find empowerment by learning a new skill and supporting the many different inspirational women of ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station.


Get inspired during Visions Art Museum‘s “Meet the Artist” series taking place every Friday this month. Hear from creative female artists whose work is currently exhibited at Visions Art Museum.

Season passes are available here for purchase and include recordings of all ten panels from the series, giving you the flexibility to go back and watch at your own leisure. This month’s artists include:

March 12: Amanda Miller, Denise Oyama Miller, Amanda Snavely, Carla Stehr, Libby Williamson

March 19: Alice Beasley, Jennifer Landau, Jackie Manley, Jean Wells

March 26: Shifting Tides juror Ann Johnston


ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station is proud to feature several public art installations created by local female artists. You may have admired some during a previous visit, but if not, be sure to look for some of the following:

Michelle Montjoy’s “A Dime to Call Home” – Installed in 2019, this installation is located near the archways along the North Promenade. The installation was made possible through the Installations at the Station program and created from a collection of sea bags cast in cement and knitted nautical rope, representing the experience of a new recruit as they enter the military, in contrast with their home life.

Niki de Saint Phalle’s “Nikigator” – Installed in July of 2019, Nikigator is located adjacent to the Dick Laub NTC Command Center. This large-scale installation is enjoying a vacation at Liberty Station until she is returned to her native Balboa Park habitat.

Lauren LeVieux’s “Fish Out of Water” – A recipient of NTC Foundation’s 2020 Collaborative program, this art installation is located on the ground directly in front of LeVieux’s studio near the fountain at North Promenade. Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you, because the installation is only visible when wet and makes for a great rainy-day activity.

Leslie Pierce’s “Together Liberty: Metamorphosis” – On display in the Martha Pace Swift Gallery, Together Liberty: Metamorphosis was made possible through NTC Foundation’s 2020 Collaborative program. “Together, Liberty” is a wall exhibit and online platform celebrating Metamorphosis, as seen as a butterfly. The butterfly can be interpreted in any way – abstractly or real in images, through the media of dance, jewelry, food, drink, sculpture, ceramics, paintings, architecture, flowers and words, and can be completely conceptual.


Women are a major part of many organizations located at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station. Several businesses and organizations have women in leadership positions including:

San Diego Dance Theater: Under the direction of its newest Artists Director, Terry Wilson, San Diego Dance Theater has spent the last 49 years bringing performances to life and providing professional training to dancers of all backgrounds

San Diego Craft Collective: Find empowerment with a new skill with a variety of workshops including sewing, wood working, macrame, clay and leather created by President and Co-Founder, Steffanie Dotson

Visions Art Museum: Since 2007, Visions Art Museum has worked to create an international community of quilt and textile artists, collectors and the public through exhibitions, education, and engaging programs that increase the appreciation of quilts, textiles and fiber as fine art under the direction of Executive Director, Laura Mitchell

Monart School of Art: Founded in 1992, Monart School of Art teaches children fundamental drawing skills and a variety of art mediums under the direction of Owner and Director, Leslie Vaughn

If I was A Bird Yoga Studio: A yoga and art studio for children, Owner Tiffany Gullberg recognizes the importance of nourishing healthy physical, creative, and educational habits from an early age

Outside the Lens: A mission to empower youth to use digital media and cameras to create change within themselves under the direction of Executive Director, Elisa Thompson

Songbirds Music: A lifelong singer and dancer, Diana Davidson is the owner and founder of Songbirds Music which provides high quality music and movement classes to children

New Americans Museum: Under the direction of Linda Caballero Sotelo, Executive Director and Chief Curator, New Americans Museum combats intolerance and racism by educating, celebrating and honoring America’s diversity and immigrant contributions

Reading Legacies: A mission to facilitate supportive relationships for children and youth through family and friends reading aloud with them under the direction of Betty J. Mohlenbrock, M.Ed

San Diego Writers, Ink: Enjoy a variety of classes and workshops in everything from memoir and novel writing to poetry and creative writing under the direction of Executive Director, Kristen Fogle

Banyan Tree Learning Center: CEO, Nanci Engle created a center that focuses on children’s underlying processing skills to achieve long-term success and create individual learning plans for every child who walks through our doors

Hire Heroes USA: Under the leaderships of Area Manager, Amy Dodson, Hire Heroes USA helps thousands of U.S. military members, veterans and military spouses every year find new careers and succeed in the civilian workforce.


Over 30 art galleries and businesses in the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station are female-owned and operated. In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, here are a few to support throughout the month.

Apricot Yarn and Supply: Self-taught knitter, Sarah Heckman, opened Apricot Yarn and Supply as a way to live out her dream. Apricot Yarn and Supply is a dream itself for craft enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to knitting or a knitting enthusiast, stop by and pick up a knitting kit for entertainment all month long.

Flor Vida: A true, one-woman operation, Flor Vida offers a variety of brightly colored arrangements and a curated collection of eclectic gifts. So, treat yourself or fellow gal pal to some lively blooms the next time you visit the ARTS DISTRICT.

Point Loma Tea: Experience the artistry of tea at Point Loma Tea, owned by Cheryl Graff, a tea connoisseur who has been in the tea business her whole life.  Point Loma Tea offers over 100 varieties of organic, hand-picked tea of all different flavors and styles. The next time you are in the mood for some tea, give Point Loma Tea a try.

Chi Chocolate & Banyan Kitchen: Owned by Tess Brown and her husband Jesse, satisfy your sweet tooth with some artisan chocolates and bon bons at Chi Chocolate
or grab something savory at Banyan Kitchen Café and enjoy a variety of small plates made with organic ingredients.

For a full list of galleries, museums and businesses located at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, click here.

Stay healthy, San Diego!

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